Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 3, 2009

            Today was the first day of the NEA RA and I must say what an experience. I was not really sure what I should be expecting but after seeing the organization that went into both the registration of over 10,000 delegates and the coordination of the expo I could only guess that the actual RA would be quite an event. When I walked into the convention hall I was surprised as to how big the RA actually was. It was even more surprising when we started the new business items and all of the sudden there was a huge roar of “aye” followed by a “no” from the crowd. It was very confusing for the first hour but eventually I caught on to the process and the order of the convention and found it to be very interesting.

            I think that the most interesting part of the convention so far was the new business items. I think that as a union member it gave me a great insight to how business is done. I had never thought that a group of that size would be able to get through so much information as quickly as they did. I think that it will really help me to have seen the process in action and has clarified a lot of questions I had about how to run an efficient meeting. I hope to institute the rules that the NEA follows in my chapter in Mankato to hopefully resolve some issues that we have in running efficient meetings.

                       I also liked the fact that the new business items covered a wide range of topics not only topics directly related to education. I think that the new business items allowed me to really think about some topics that do not affect me currently but will probably start to appear in my life in the near future. When I arrived in San Diego I had not really thought about what the topics would be or how I might feel about the topics. 

Bonnie Liepold

Student Delegate

Minnesota State University, Mankato

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