Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 4th 2009

Happy Birthday America!!!!!

When I found out that on July 4th I had to be I a conference center all day, I was at first a little sad. But I would have to say that this was one of the most unique fourths I have ever had.

Once again our group was at the San Diego Conference Center for the NEA RA. The atmosphere of the area was exciting and fun. Everyone was dressed in his or her red, white, and blue. Soon after we arrived the students were nominated by donations from Tammy and Greg to wear the Fourth of July hat. All 9 of us shared it for an hour. It was a lot of fun to walk around with it, although with all the other outfits we did not stick out much.

Being with the National Education Association on July 4th was an amazing experience. The theme of the NEA RA this year is “Hope Starts Here.” This is a very special message. As a country we have moved away from an administration that was not always supportive of education to one that is working with the NEA to better the education system in America. We were shown a slide show during the day that highlighted several individuals that have made a difference in the America. Some of these individuals were, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Czar Chavez, and Barrack Obama. Then we were given a special message from Obama about our work as educators and what it means for the country.

The most inspirational part was when all of the student delegates and teachers under 30 were called up on the stage to be recognized that we are the future of education. The audience gave us a standing ovation. We sang Hero by Mariah Carey. Then we chanted “Hope Starts Here, Hope Starts Here, Hope Starts Here!” I was honestly given goosebumps as we stood on stage together. I realized the impact that we have upon the education system. Hope really does start here; it really does start with us. It is our job though to take it into the classroom and apply it to the student.

It was a wonderful experience to spend the fourth with 10,000 educators. It gave me a sense of pride and gratitude for our country and our country’s educators.

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